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The Aim of ESCAN is to promote research in the domain of the Cognitive and Affective Neurosciences, and related research, in particular with regard to the collaboration and exchange of information between investigators in Europe.  The ESCAN kick-off meeting (10-12 December 2009, Amsterdam) was the first public manifestation of the society. 70 participants from all over Europe attended 20 scientific presentations covering the breadth of cognitive and affective neuroscience, from consciousness, via vision and cognitive processes, their development and brain-machine-interfaces, to affective neuroscience and its clinical applications. Following this first meeting, the society was officially created.

The 2012 conference in Marseille will be the first ESCAN conference of the officially created society.

ESCAN 2012 offers a floor to present research findings on all aspects of cognitive and affective neuroscience, provided they have a close relationship to behavior, affect and cognition in humans. Dependent measures can include all neuroimaging modalities, electrophysiology of all types, Autonomous Nervous System measures and other bodily measurements. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this important event, so that in some few years, you will be proud  to say:
ESCAN2012: I was there !



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