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Deadline for abstract submission is over !

How to submit ?

Before submitting, be sure you have already registered.

Abstract should be 250 words long, contain a full title, the full list of authors and their affiliations.
To submit, you must first login. Click on  "MYSPACE" on the Navigation bar (left) to open the tab. Then click on "Submission". To submit a new abstract, click on "Submit", to check your already submitted abstract(s), click on "My submissions".

To submit a new abstract, first fill the "metadata" part, then click on "Enter authors (+)" at the bottom.

Enter all the authors of your abstract. Do not forget to indicate the "speaker" (for oral presentations) or the "presenter" (for poster communication). Then click "View summary". On the new page you will be able to review you inputs and submit your abstract.


Your abstract will be reviewed by two independent experts. They may require some editing. Whatever the outcome (acceptance, waiting for update, or rejection) you will receive a mail informing you about the outcome.
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